Статьи по финансовой астрологии (eng)

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Stock Market Timing Using Astrology                                        Larry Pesavento
Gann and the Planets                                                                                        Gregory Legrand Meadors

Short-Term Market Forecasting via Astrology                                        Carol S. Mull

Pick Your Stocks with Astrology                                                                   Carol S. Mull

Trading Planetary Cycles Profitably                                                            Jeanne Long

The Astro-Harmonic Nature of Retrograde Motion                                Larry Pesavento

Indian Astrology                                                                         Barry Rosen

Beyond Gann: Number Vibration                                                 Gregory and Helen Meadors

Investing with the Horoscope of                                                 Bill Meridian
First Trade of 1996

Gann's Astrologers and                                                             Bill Meridian
the 60 Year Cycle

The Jupiter Effect on the Stock Market                                                    Bill Meridian

Interview with Bill Meridian                                                         Larry Jacobs

Silver Astrology and the Golden Mean Ratio                              James W. Brock

Six Orbits of Mercury, a Common Time Distance
in the Stock Market                                                                                            Alan Richter

Beyond Gann: Harmonics and the 1987
Stockmarket Crash                                                                                            Gregory and  Helen Meadors

The Astroharmonics of Treasury Bonds
and the Planet Mars                                                                   Larry Pesavento

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